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Lagerkoll - Logistics for businesses using PE Accounting!

PE Accounting is a complete bookkeeping service enabling businesses to constantly being informed how things are going regardless of where you are with complete control of your numbers. More than 500 growing businesses and 14.000 employeess are already using PE. Trustly, Adtraction, S.Professionals, Quicksearch and Dynabyte are a couple of examples. With Lagerkoll also business with stocked articles now can see PE Accounting as an exciting tool for their business!

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Since Lagerkoll can do what Lagerkoll is good at and PE Accounting what PE Accounting is good at, the integration becomes focused and specific. This means that it in a way is simpler and, but also means that the things we integrate are the things that matter, such as making sure the right accounts are used, that verifications are created. Join us in the endeavor of simplyfing tasks as these!


Lagerkoll enables you to work with your purchase orders in one place instead of a spreadsheet or inbox. Purchase in different currencies & languages, work with various suppliers and delivery times as well as generating purchase orders based on low stock levels.


Lagerkoll offers availability when it comes to managing your articles. With tools such as warnings, ordering points, tools for stock take, (removing the manual input from paper to computer), import function for updating prices, mass-edit functions, bulk-edit functions, custom fields, discounts on product categories and more.


Lagerkoll will, as a final step, automatically create a verification for costs of sold articles in PE Accounting together with an invoice where inventory account and purchasing account automatically are set. For those who wish, it is also possible to enable automatic certification of invoices!

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We at Lagerkoll believe in that you as customer should be able to decide on your own, in your own time. This is why we offer you a free trial account (Prova på) with access to most functions as well as our integration with PE Accounting.

Free trial & pricing plan