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What is Lagerkoll

Lagerkoll is a warehouse- and logistics solution, possible for anyone within your business to use, and will help you leave spreadsheets, pen and paper behind in favor for digitization. Lagerkoll is cloud based and easy to set up without any installation and can be integrated with other systems such as bookkeeping.

Available and Integrated

Lagerkoll provides functions for managing anything from updating articles, purchasing, creating and managing customer orders, stock-take and much more via a secure web and mobile-based system. Lagerkoll also includes integrations with Visma eEkonomi, PE Accounting and Fortnox and can be ready to use after just a few minutes of registering an account.

Workflow control; keep track of purchasing and customer orders

Create customer orders in Lagerkoll. Picking lists are created and lists can be picked using digital picking lists via our apps. Backorders can be managed smoothly. Generate waybills and order confirmations, clearly showing what has been ordered and what has been delivered. Manage your flow from purchasing to customer order, from receiving shipmnents to sending them, update your pricelists smoothly, all via a simple and available service.


Work efficiently together. Count articles, add articles to customer orders or purchasing lists. Invite extra-personnel to help out with stock takes. Let sales-reps have access to stock levels and lists when in the field. Your administrator can easily invite anyone to work in Lagerkoll without having to provide access to your bookkeeping system!

Logistics for businesses within wholesale and e-commerce, such as

Production and assembly

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Breweries and beverages

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Materials and inventory

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Import and export

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Work efficiently with your inventory
in a browser or in our mobile apps.

In your browser

Lagerkoll.com is the backbone of Lagerkoll, providing an overview and access to all functions, allowing for quick and easy administration of inventory & logistics as well as managing access rights and users.


With information about customer order values, stock levels, inbound and outbound deliveires and graphs providing overview, Lagerkoll supports your decision making and planning.


In your phone

The Lagerkoll is available both for Android and for iOS. Our apps allows you to smoothly work with stock takes, adjusting articles, receive deliveries, pick lists with digital picking lists and more!

VAT and currencies

Lagerkoll enables you to trade globally by supporting the most common currencies and allows you to control which VAT you want to use. This is regardless of type of product and part of the world your supplier operates in.

Lagerkoll on Android Lagerkoll for iOS


Please note that you need a Lagerkoll account, created online in order to use our mobile apps.

An end-to-end cloud based service for logistics and inventory management


At lagerkoll.com you can find all functions in one place, providing full control of your inventory and logistics. Efficiently manage your articles, prices and lists as well as integrations with bookkeeping systems (such as Visma eEkonomi, PE Accounting or Fortnox). Lagerkoll will provide notifications of low stock, integration notifications and an efficient and simple inventory management. You may invite colleagues to use our mobile app or our web interface and together count articles during stock take via the app or work with purchasing and many other functions, together.



Lagerkoll allows you to easily manage your customer orders and automatically handle article reservations. In case of not directly storing articles in your own warehouse, Lagerkoll allows you to work with either drop shipping or even invite your third party logistics partner (3PL) to work in Lagerkoll, or maybe your customer, when working with a consigment stock. Lagerkoll provides digital picking lists via our mobile app, as well as printing possibilities via the web interface. You may even with a click create a purchase order based on a customer order. On top of this, Lagerkoll provides a stock level forecast on article level for your lists, supporting a Just In Time (JIT) workflow, and includes working with discounts per customer, or even across a collection of articles.


Lagerkoll enables you to work with purchasing; placing your lists and receiving deliveries from your suppliers (via e-mail or creating a pdf). You may receive deliveries via our web-interface or our moible app, automatically increasing the stock level and providing a receipt of the received amounts. Your suppliers may even open a link and confirm delivery date themselves. A purchase order can be created via a customer order, as a drop shipment, via automatic trigger levels and more. To simplify and make it possible to operate with suppliers from many parts of the world, Lagerkoll allows you to set desired language, price and currency on a per supplier level. You may also control the information shown to suppliers, if to show prices or not and more smart features.


Lagerkoll provides several functions for articles such as price adjustments, mass-editing, custom fields, article images, fields for shipping fee and other fees and more! There is also support for bundles, which is an article based on other articles. Lagerkoll automatically calculates purchase price and comes with an automatic and manual assembly or dissassembly-function for smooth stock level adjustments.


Lagerkoll has a broad support for counting your inventory. You can easily add all articles, or a subselection or articles, to a stocktake, create your list which is automatically sent to any invited mobile user, allowing you and your colleagues to efficiently count the inventory. You may also register counted amounts via our web-interface. A receipt is automatically created after a finished stock take, showing any deviations and the result. If your article resides in many places, you can count it several times; Lagerkoll just adds or subtracts changes you make.


Lagerkoll can provide notifications when articles reach a low stock level or if any errors have occurred in an integration with another system. These notifications are shown in Lagerkoll, but stock level notifications are also sent via e-mail. You may add trigger levels in Lagerkoll for an article, which allows Lagerkoll to automatically create purchase orders for you, adding amounts up to a desired level. Lagerkoll also provides the ability to view a list of all active stock level warnings. You can also filter on supplier and any low-stock notifications and based on this create a purchase order. With Lagerkoll you can identify and manage problems before, or as they occur.


Lagerkoll will always automatically create exports of your articles, every day in a rolling schedule for the last 10 days, one for every week, and one for each end-of-month, for as long as the account exists and is active. By always having exports, Lagerkoll can help provide information to your accountant, sometimes even ad-hoc! You may create import templates based on excel spreadsheets (same as exports are made in) to import new articles, and you can even opt to only update matching rows, meaning an effective way of adding new prices from your suppliers' endless excel files without expanding your article list.


By using Lagerkoll you can also create labels with EAN- UPC- or QR-format. You may even create labels in your own desired format and content. On top of this, it is also possible to generate labels to print based on the ordered articles to be received in a purchase order. Of course our mobile apps allows you to scan bar codes via several of our functions!


Lagerkoll makes working with your inventory and your logistics easier, more efficient and available. Work with mass-update and bulk-update functions, allow your sales reps to easily create customer orders, see what is available in stock at anytime when in the field, allow your purchasers to have a common source and list of prices and purcase lists, access history of your articles. Lagerkoll supports multiple physical warehouse locations and moving articles across warehouses and even searching in the same way. If you have several price lists, maybe even in different currencies? No problem at all since Lagerkoll handles this as well.

Add-ons - Order tool for resellers, tracking of tools and custom solutions

Lagerkoll offers a few extra add-ons in the form of a tool to check-out and return articles, tracked on user and project level. The service also offers the possibility to invite customers to a portal where they may place their lists themselves, and finally, Lagerkoll offers an API, allowing you as customer or partner to develop your own solutions or integrations.


Lagerkoll provides an API for those who wish to develop their own integrations and solutions. Our API provides as an example the possibility to try out requests directly via our documentation, the ability to use callback-url hooks, allowing Lagerkoll to notify you when changes on data-points occur.


In our customer portal it is possible to invite customers to Lagerkoll so they may place lists themselves, where they only may see the prices from their respective pricelists and only articles having prices. This is a solution for you who has a need for a simple, price worthy, and restricted online shop; possibly for retailers or larger wholesale customers who wish to have the ability to on their own place lists.

Check out

Keep track of who has a certain tool, or how much has been checked out for a project or demo articles. Convert to a customer order or check remaining articles back in to your inventory. With Lagerkoll check-out you have a simple tool for keeping track of consumables or where shared tools are.

Partner with Lagerkoll to build your business

To be partner with Lagerkoll means that we have established means of contact and that we have some form of collaboration. This can be the aforementioned ways of communication, to integrations, to resellers or partners providing services in a region where we ourselves do not have the ability to provide a sufficient presence. We at Lagerkoll believes in collaboration, simplicity and directness, and that we alone never can solve all your problems; we are part of a larger whole that must work for the best possible solutions for you as customer.

lagerkoll samarbetspartner


As a developer, you've probably already had the thought "Do they have an API, where is the API, where is the documentation?" a couple of times. The answer is yes, and the documentation can be found here or via the button below. We at Lagerkoll are super positive to technical collaborations where partners or customers build solutions based on our platform. Our ambition is to as much as possible, consume the same API as you as external developer does. We believe this makes our API better, and that it enables those wanting to build their own solutions and flows can do this to their own liking! Don't miss out on the ability to send requests directly via our documentation, which becomes available if you have an account!

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What does our customers say?

We want our customers to be satisfied and create value by using Lagerkoll. Thus we try to listen to our customers as much as possible and create solutions to problems from these conversations, especially since many problems are common to most of our customers (our translations below).

"Lagerkoll is simple, smooth and available and has removed a large portion of manual tasks to keep track of our inventory. We can now be fast in our response to customers, handle our purchasing and focus on our core business!"
"Great all the way! Super from start to finish and still great a year later. A professional and personal commitment with a big portion of service-mindedness!"
"Lagerkoll has saved us a lot of time when it comes to stocktake and inventory management, and has at the same time simplified our purchasing for our sales reps!

Contact us

Would you like to contact us? Send us an e-mail via the adresses below and we will answer as soon as possible. If you would prefer to have a call with us, let us know and feel free to suggest one or a few possible times and dates that work for you and we will call you on an agreed upon time.

ATD Applications AB develops and provides the service Lagerkoll since 2011. Lagerkoll is a simple, affordable, efficient and available logistics solution for small and mid-sized companies.

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