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Do as Wenngarns Dryckerier, use Lagerkoll!

Wenngarns Dryckerier chose Lagerkoll as solution for managing their stock. By working in Lagerkoll, Wenngarns can move articles across their two tax warehouses, and can order, pick & pack and deliver their products. They may also follow each article's history, showing the most important changes.


Lagerkoll allows you to access a history for each article, showing which user that did a change, via what function and when. You can also, via a report, find out which customers that have bought which articles during a given period of time. You may even search for a specific batch and obtain which customers that have bought that specific batch.


You may register a batch and expiry date on your products, and by doing this, obtain a tracaeability from purchasing to orders and invocing. There is also support for registering a bar code on batch level, which makes it even easier to order, or to simply register batch to an orderdirectly during picking.


In Lagerkoll it is also possible to enable a report which shows the volume sold of articles sorted on alcholic volume, where you can see the total sold amount in cl. The rapport shows sold volume grouped on volume group, such as "Mellanklassprodukter (över 1,2, högst 15,0), and can be shown in total or grouped by sales accounts, enabling you to track this based on what is sold to tax warehouses and to end customer.


If you have more than one tax warehouse it is possible to move articles between these. Each move is registered for each article moved as specifically a move, and it shows which user, when and amount moved.

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