Lagerkoll - a tool for purchasing, drop shipping, customer orders and article control

purchasing - currencies - drop shipping - language support - order confirmations

Do as Ajlajk, simplify purchasing, customer orders and reporting such as to the Swedish Customs

Ajlajk uses Lagerkoll to manage purchasing as well as customer orders, both nationally and internationally. By having created a custom field for "KN-number" (for reporting), Ajlajk can efficiently export a list of articles, merge it with sales export from their business system, and this way have what is needed for a smoother reporting of exported goods to the customs. Ajlajks setup also allows to separate between weborders and manually placed orders to resellers via their own integration with Lagerkoll; this allows for a smooth pick and pack!


Lagerkoll allows you to create custom fields on articles, and this enables you, for example, to save KN-number if you export products in a slightly larger volumes. By using Lagerkoll you can export a list of the articles to an excel format where you then can merge sales figures and then send in as a report.


Lagerkoll has support for currencies, both for purchasing as well as for price lists for sell priecs. An exchange rate is automatically retrieved from ECB when a shipment is received, but may also be entered manually. Currency, exchange rate and purchase price is saved on a per-supplier basis, which means you may work with more than one supplier per article. You can also set up your sell prices by using price lists, and these can be connected to a currency, and/or be set so different customers can use different price lists. You may also choose to send your purchase orders in either English or Swedish; something determined by what is set on the supplier in question!


In Lagerkoll you may control if you wish VAT to be shown on order confirmations being sent to end customer. You may also send your order confirmation in either English or Swedish and parts of the content may be configured.


You may efficiently create a drop shipment from a customer order in Lagerkoll. This will automatically create purchase orders to the supplier(s) needed to fulfill the order, but with the customers address as shipping adress. When the goods have been delivered; simply mark your purchase orders as delivered and create your invoice. If you wish to work with other places or temporary warehouses, such as a boat transport, Lagerkoll provides the ability to adding many warehouse locations, with the possibility of moving and searching for articles across warehouses.

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