Lagerkoll - a tool to reduce waste, wear and tear

inventory - searchability - availability - sustainability

Save time and money on unnecessary jobs or purchases with Lagerkoll

Use Lagerkoll to keep track of inventory such as office material, spare parts, furniture in business such as office management or property management. By knowing what materials, tools and parts you have and using stock level warnings, your employees can go on the right jobs with the right parts, or find the parts needed to finish the job all the way on site without needing to order parts or discover missing parts on the job.


By keeping track of your inventory and materials, Lagerkoll enables your business to reuse things such as furniture by making your inventory available to various parts of your organisation.


By using Lagerkoll, you can keep track of what you have, use what you have, before buying new. Thus you can become more efficieny, reduce the amount of resouerces being thrown and save money on time spent on unneccessary purchases!


By using the multi-warehouse function in Lagerkoll and the check-out module, you can have inventory on several sites, projects and even check tools and materials in and out on a user basis. This allows your whole organisation to find and use the existing resources more efficiently!


Start making smart purchases when and where you need it!

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