Create your articles as structures, track them based on unique serial numbers

Structured articles - purchasing - warnings - serial numbers

Creat structures, get stock levels reduced automatically, or work with batches and serial numbers!

You can work with Lagerkoll to keep track of your stock levels, efficiently handle purchasing and keeping track of inbound deliveries. By using structured articles in Lagerkoll, you can save time by having underlying articles' stock levels automatically reduced when assembling a product. You can even add a serial number to an article, which can be sold and tracked in your order as well as on the invoice!


By creating products as structured articles you may efficiently put together as well as take apart a strucutre. Lagerkoll will automatically handle your stock levels. It is also possible to create a bill of materials list for a structured article, and you can sell your end product without having to manually adjust the used amouns of all the articles it consumes during production.


By working with purchasing in Lagerkoll, you can have a single place where you can keep track of your orders, track delivery date and if a delivery is late. You can have automatically prepared purchase orders based on triggers, filter out and add articles for a specific supplier to an order, make purchases in various currencies as well as receive shipments.


Lagerkoll enables business that produce unique products a way of tagging which unique product that is sold to which customer. This is done by adding a serial number for each product made, even if it is the same article. If you work with for example solar panels, compressors or hydraulics for production lines, you can add serial numbers which enables you to track where they are sold. A report is available, allowing you to search and find which customer that has bought a specific serial number.


It is possible to add warning levels or trigger levels of stock, so that you always know when it is time to order. By using trigger levels, a purchase order can be prepared automatically for you with the desired amount to keep in stock; simply review, send and wait for delivery!

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